As you all may know there’s four types that Instagram can flag your Instagram account. Ranging from “meh” this is nothing to “What the…” moments when you get flagged. Some may not be that bad but all of them have indicators for you to know.

  • Ban Hammer (Saying bye to your account, this may be the hardest to get if you’re not doing anything related to spamming 50 contents an hour, sexual, drugs, affliate links etc… that content aren’t allowed on Instagram)
  • Verification Loop (Even when you phone verified your account, you will be able to enter your account and continue getting them)
  • Temporary Ban (Ban a specific action on your account up to 72 hours)
  • Suspension (Temporary unables you to login to your account UP TO 1 Year)

Let us formally introduce you to the new type and also the WORST type of warning/limitation that Instagram can flag your account.



It came into existence and became only known after extensive test by marketers such as myself, it is on of the most deadly punishment by Instagram it is used to combat account’s that are spamming. But however getting ban is way harder than getting shadowban by Instagram. Shadowban can be only trigger by various way and it is not as hard as you think, if you’re reading this right now and is doing any one of the method below for getting more exposure for your Instagram account. IMMEDIATELY STOP!

  • Using bot/automation that performs large amount of actions daily. Yes, it is considered spam since you’re performing LARGE amount of actions.
  • Engaging in engagement group, this may help your account a lot in terms of growth. But however it’s one of the most risky, you’re performing HUGE chunk of actions within a round which only last from 30 mins – 1 hour.
  • Spamming explicit content, this is normally a given since Instagram doesn’t like such content one bit.
  • Attaching affiliate link, Instagram DOES NOT want you to earn money or affiliate it selves with the platform which people might think Instagram is a spam place which only profit from their users. Hence why affiliate link might be the reason why you get shadowban.
  • Spamming #hashtags, yes that’s right. If you’re attaching the same #hashtag every time you post and a full page of it, you’re asking for Instagram to shadowban you. What we’d recommend is to have 10-15 #hashtags everytime you post but however having up to 90 #hashtags ready to spin them. You can look up spin tax generator on google to create millions of different of combination.

How do you know if you’re Shadowban?

It’s really easy to determine, post a content with multiple #hashtags. Preferably from 5-10 #hashtag attached to your post, and post them normally as you would. Then ask three friends of yours to check the #hashtag to see if your post appears on the #hashtag, if it doesn’t you’re currently some sort of a shadowban.


How do I get unshadowban?

No one knows the answer yet, but what have been tested and works for some depending on the severity of your spam. You just simply play by the rules and be a normal using user, what that means is to have your account act normally for between 2 weeks – 2 months and the shadowban should get lifted from your account. Having not being able to get exposure is basically useless to your account if you’re trying to hit explore page or getting viral.


We would like to tell you that please DO NOT purchase our service if your account is currently shadowbanned. Our service will achieve absolutely rock bottom growth on your account if your account is shadowbanned, as what we do is to give you exposure and allow your content to hit explore pages and get viral. Hence it’ll not work on a shadowban account as what we’re doing is ORGANIC and shadowban basically cripples it.