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Please read our FAQ and important info.
We highly recommend you read this before starting our service, as we are a one of a kind service that comes with certain procedures.

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Post Content That We Recommend You

Content is extremely important and the main factor to getting your account to explore pages and going viral. Please post according to the recommended guidelines that we give you to ensure maximize growth.

When To Post

We’ll be assigning three specific time-slots for posting your content, please stick exactly to the schedule to fully maximize the work we do for you. You can only post once per time-slot. Again you have three time-slots per day. You can post once in each one for a grand total of 3 posts per day.

Do Not Bot Or Use Other Techniques That Violate Instagram Rules

This is very important, if you’re flagged by Instagram they’ll limit your reach and not allow your content to hit explore pages or get viral with our service. It’s not worth getting your account in that state as you can not recover from getting flagged. This means no rapid follow/unfollow techniques or buying any fake followers or likes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Important Info, And Instructions

Absolutely, we DO NOT require your account’s credentials nor do we need your account to perform any actions other than communicating with your audience as you normally do plus posting your content on time which we’ll be advising you on.

Security of your account is our top priority. Our goal is to use result-oriented social media marketing techniques to help bolster your brand, grow your business, generate more traffic, increase conversion rates, create exposure for your business and extend the influence of your profile.

Here’s how simple it is: We boost your accounts by using our network for more exposure that allows your content to be featured on explore pages and also getting viral! Getting viral not only gives you massive amount of traffic to your account, but it also boosts you up by bringing you customers, audiences, engagement and reach.

Yes, indeed. We’re not lying about that, however there’s no way anyone else could achieve that for you, unless it’s fake. Also you could never do that just by using Instagram ads and throwing unlimited money into it. It requires you to consistently post content during our scheduled timeslots and posting viral content that we recommend. With us pushing your content the more likely you’ll hit explore pages and go viral!

Results differentiate based on various content and niches, it’s impossible for any service out there to promise you insane amounts of growth without gradual progress. 10,000 is the typical max we see but growth can range from 5,000 per month up to 10,000 and even more in some circumstances such as up to 30,000-50,000 with amazing content.

Absolutely, here’s a few facts.

With verified accounts, and large amount of followers already, we can help you reach new heights from your normal engagement ratio. We’ve done it plenty of times and proved to be a success for large verified accounts.

If you’re not verified don’t worry! If you have a large amount of followers but your growth has become stagnant we can help with that as well.

Also if you’re just looking to become more popular and don’t have massive amounts of followers and engagement we can help you as well. You won’t see as much results as accounts semiestablished but nonetheless the growth we give you is way better than any other service out there.

IMPORTANT: Also by posting a ratio of 60/40 viral to personal content will maximize your growth. Meaning you’ll need to post 60% of niche based viral content in which that brings you growth via hitting explore pages and going viral. Moreover bringing you an influx of followers and engagements to your personal posts.

We make sure that before you pay us, we’re confident in giving you the growth as what we stated. We do not want to have disputes and other problems if an account does not see growth, we hate it when accounts are stagnant too and users don’t post.

Hence we’re only accepting clients that we’re confident in growing.

We highly advice you to rest your account at least for 2 weeks and at best for a month before attempting to use our service. This is a little tricky but in MOST cases your account should still be able to receive our benefits from our growth service, however in the case of it not achieving any growth. We’ll refund you back the remaining days after a week of testing.

Also if your account is permanently flagged it may make sense for you to grow a new account with us from the beginning.

Every individual client is different, each might have the same or might not have the same timeslot. You’ll receive 3 time-slots in which you’ll only post once per time slot, to maximize and increase your chances of going viral.

Please post within 15 minutes of your time-slot, however within 30 minutes it still is fine but it won’t be as powerful as within the first 15 minutes

For example: If your time slot is from 11-11:30am it’s best to post from 11-11:15am.

Definitely, #hashtags are great. You’ll be landing and sticking on “TOP POSTS” on most #hashtags with our service. This will ensure you even more engagement thus having a good rotation of 30 #hashtags out of 90 for each post would be the best!

The #hashtags that you should use should be between the amount of 500,000 posts and UP TO 50,000,000 posts. You should not use #hashtags that are too large, as the #hashtag might be a fast moving #hashtag and your post will drop off fairly quickly.

*If you want to hide the chunk of #hashtags from your caption, you can attach the #hashtags into your comments right after posting, it’ll work just as well.

If you’re unable to post at the time-slots indicated after we’ve setup your account, please prepare your content with at least 15 days worth of captions for us with your account’s credentials.

We recommend using trello.com free service and creating a new board in which we can sort it all out clearly from you, this way you’ll fully utilize and maximize your gains with our service without needing to worrying about missing the time-slot to post.

You’ll of course still able to login to your account and communicate with your audience, but in this case please DO NOT post any content if you decided to allow us to post on your behalf. Using your Instagram story, DM’s, liking and commenting posts is still perfectly fine.

Terms Of Service

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