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We’re a all-in-one service which helps business/brands/personal Instagram pages to get noticed. Our aim and methods only uses organic methods to help with the growth & engagements, purely without risky or putting our client’s account exposed to any risks. Having a risk free yet incredible rate of growth is what we’re set out and here to achieve for our clients.

Both our viral growth and guarantee growth only requirement for us to provide you the service is for you to set your account to public, no more is needed. Never trust anyone if they ask for your account credentials.

If anyone ever ask you for your password, or try to pose as us asking for your credentials. Immediately block and change your password as the person might have ill intention of getting his/her hands on your account.

Never, not even close. Instagram will never penalize your account in any way which will leads you to a temporary ban or account suspension. It’s 100% safe on your side, we never had and never will have our customers getting banned because of using our service.

We run our service and work with each individual dependent on the budget, the higher the budget the better we can work with achieving the results you desire. But however we’ve basic prices for clients who are on the tighter budget, our viral growth service only has a price fixed at 700$USD/Monthly. Our guaranteed growth service starts at 700$USD/Monthly for a guarantee of 5,000 followers monthly and 10-15% increase in engagement, we could even go up to 100,000 followers guaranteed. Please contact us via the contact form or get started page to inquire.

We’re able to help any customers in any industry or account type, ranging from personal – business – online personalities or niche pages. We’ve worked with people under forbes 30 to big brands, however we do NOT have permission to share the following list of clients that has been with us.

What we want to achieve is to have our goals align with you and know what you’re trying to achieve. That way we can best advise and help as much of our ability to achieve your goals.

We at LGN aim to help our client both with growth and as well as business development. We’re vastly resourceful and knowledgeable in the field of Instagram marketing and internet marketing. The consultation involves in giving advises in launching campaigns, basic ads knowledge, business strategy, building multiple revenue streams, improvement in content quality and Instagram understanding and more! (Worth thousands, but free for paying growth service clients.)

We LOVE to help our customers and what more to keep them as paying customers by adding more value, helping generate more income and be much more knowledgeable than to add “non-beneficial” hidden fees or some sort of underhand method to earn more.


Frequently Asked

Guaranteed Growth Service

Growth service is a targeted service specifically for helping our customers hit their expectations of growth that they desire, we use organic methods to achieve those results.

Guarantee that we provide: We’ll not stop and/or charge additionally within a month span as long as we’ve not hit the targeted results that customers has paid for, however this rarely occurs and we do not wish for it unless the niche given is specifically hard to accommodate.

Our lowest growth service starts at 700$/Monthly with a guarantee of 5,000 followers growth and 15% increase in engagements, we are able to guarantee up to 100,000+ followers growth in a month, the price are determine on the number of followers you’re intending to grow and the budget that we can play with to help you achieve the target you desire monthly.

If you require a customer solution such as locations, gender or followers locations. It is possible to increase the percentage of results but however do note such measures requires higher budget, it may not be the mentioned 700$/Monthly for a guarantee of 5,000 and 15% increase in engagements for an example twice as much USA followers.

We try as much to help you gained first-tier countries with the highest priority to the list from USA, as it’s impossible to specifically target 100% a country due to the limitations set by Instagram which only possible way to do so is by paying Ads which would cost significantly higher to achieve the target you desire and those followers might not even be engaging.

We want to help clients and perfect our crafts by only accepting clients time to time that we’re sure that we can help. We will not take in clients that we’re unsure of their goals/target, we have a waiting list in place to help bring clients from the very start to understand their goal and align ourselves with them to provide the best experience possible for our customers to achieve their goals.

On average there’s a 7-10 days waiting time to our waiting list as expand our list avability slots. We want to make sure all our clients are receiving the quality that we ensures and not decrease even the slightest.


Commonly Asked

Payment & Technical

LGN’s guarantee ensures that we as a service provider only take in clients that we’re confident in helping and achieving the goals of our clients with the same goal aligned. We want to make sure that we can achieve those numbers and engagements as we promised, as long as you’re on the service we’ll do everything in our power to hit those targets that we’ve set out to assure our clients with.

First, please reach out to us by filling the form in “Get Started” page or using this link (CLICK HERE), allow us to communicate and understand your goal with growth. This way we can best advice which service to use and which service would work and only work the best for your account.

Please provide us a contact detail that allows us to make a call you to, it’ll be best for us to discuss and answer all of your questions in real-time. We’ll reply and reach back to you even if you’re not suitable to provide options and some guidance if needed.

We’re an exclusive service, meaning we only work with clients we’re CONFIDENT in growth for them. We do not accept just about any clients if we’re feeling unconfident even the slightest.

We uses Paypal invoicing which is both convenient and both secure with them, it’s a widely used payment gateway and recognized invoice provider.

We’ll be sending invoice for all our clients in which they’ll be able to use the invoicing to file tax and etc if needed which is really handy for end of year accounting.

If you’ve an alternative or more comfortable to use another payment gateway/invoice services definitely please do contact us (CLICK HERE)

Please do ensure the certainty of the username that you wished to use within the process with our growth service. If username are changed during the growth period the followers of yours may need some transit period and may caused some confusion in your brand if you wished to build one.

However in the case of breach of security or you absolutely needed to change the username, please DO so. We wouldn’t want anything less for security of our client’s account.

But please note that the timeframe for us to switch from the new to old account it requires some time and the time used will NOT be reimbursed.

No refund will be given at any circumstances unless LGN deem not able to continue of service. If we did not hit target within the time frame of a month, we’ll continue service at NO additional charges until we meet the target of guarantee

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