The first question we always receive during our pre-sales with our clients is “How much would your service cost?”, when we reply with a 4 digit sum (As different accounts requires different approach) they’d go “Holy, that’s expensive”. Hence we’re going to go down in-depth in the cost effectiveness of why instagram marketing WORKS, and why the letsgetnoticed prices are not as expensive as you would think after this article.


Why advertising on Instagram is the way to go for now and in the future.

The growth of Instagram is sky rocket high, beating any other social network in the way and recently killing Snapchat by implementing “Instagram Stories”. The force of Instagram has stopped all other social network to a halt and continue to grow. Last year during 2016 the amount of active users on Instagram is massive 500 Million users, and yes we’re talking about active daily users. As of 2017 Instagram has hit 700M active daily users which is a growth of a massive 40% increase in just a span of a year of it’s total daily active users.

Instagram is still “NEW”.

Instagram ads has only launched two years ago, and till date it has not yet been recognized by your average daily businesses. But as of today, more and more marketer are jumping on the wagon of Instagram ads making a huge big buck on reselling, health products and other cool techy stuff. Businesses have yet to realize that the conversion and engagement rate on Instagram Ads is way higher than Facebook ads. Less recognized equals lesser competitor equals lesser cost on what you’re paying for. You can scroll down to the bottom to refer on our comparison.


Instagram purging bot & fake accounts actively.

The reason why Instagram is the best place you can advertise now it’s because of the heroes at Instagram developing and updating their app constantly to combat against botters and fake followers. By doing so opens up huge success and increasing the lifespan of the social network, you can never look at facebook or twitter and say the same. Facebook knows and DO NOT want Instagram to be the second facebook in the coming years which is why they’re putting huge task on destroying third parties factor that could affect their social network value.

Instagress shut down: Apr 2017

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Massplanner shut down: May 2017

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Botting account does not seem very bad for your account but however, they’re many risk they you’ve to take on when using your account to bot on, which we HIGHLY don’t recommend and also why we don’t accept client’s account that have been botted. You can read more on why botting invisibly flagged your account.

That just leaves us to two ways left organic growth & instagram ads. But have you ever wondered how effective organic growth is compared to Instagram Ads and the cost comparison between the both of them.



Are we there yet, can we compare the cost effectiveness now ?


We’ll take an example of 2,000$ budget for Instagram ads and 2,000$(Not Actual Service Price) as our service price for this example.

We’ll calculate how much can you get out of your budget. For the sake of this examples we’ll keep using the best ADVANTAGE for Instagram Ads and Minimum for our service which may make you think that we’re making our service to sound better, but we’re not. You can decide that after reading this article.



Instagram Ads:

For most businesses who thinks you just plug in 2,000$ and press play and you’ll get a high converting ad that will give you  success and ROI. We want to tell you that the mindset is ABSOLUTELY WRONG!

As a internet marketer, I would like to educate all businesses and individuals. That is NOT how it works.

For an experience internet marketer who are experienced in Ads optimization, it would roughly takes him 500-800$USD to make a well performing with great click through rate and targeted ads. Which leaves you with 1,500$. Why optimization is important you may ask.

  1. You only want targeted users to visit your ads, else you’re just wasting your money.
  2. To convert users who’re viewing your ad into visitor/installer/customer.
  3. ROI, simply put “How you get sales & earn back your Ad money back.”

So after we’ve minus the cost of optimization, we’ll put the average cost per click on a website is 1.50$ to 2.50$ but however we’ll take 1.50$ the cheaper option as an example.

1,500$ / 1.50$ = 1000 Clicks

So in total you’re getting 1000 clicks for the full cost of 1,500, but however on a monthly basis you’re required to continuously tweak and optimize your Ad to keep it as low as 1.50$ and you’ll have to be a well experience Ad person.

2,000$ / 1.50$ = 1,333 Clicks

So if we ignore the cost of optimizing your Ads, you’re getting a whoping 1,333 clicks. How many clicks would you think be a good indicator of getting the conversion like “Sales” that you want. We’d say 10% (Since the Ad is well optimized and having great click through rate and conversions). Meaning out of 1,333 clicks you’ll be getting 133 conversion/sales, again we’re making it sound really good for Instagram Ads but you and I know that 133 conversions / 1,333 clicks is REALLY hard.

P.S. We forget to mention this is just for ONE Ad, which means new product new Ad or new launch new Ad.


Letsgetnoticed Service:

We’ll use the same and unbiased analyses on our service as well for this exmaple. When you sign up with our service, you’ll only be paying 2,000$(EXAMPLE) for a month/30 days – 3 post daily. Lets take this example that you given us access to help you post and provided us your personal content to us. Which means for 30 days, you’ll be releasing 90 post.

So we don’t expect all post to go viral and hit explore pages as no one can predict that nor can do that. So we’ll be using 50%(Conservative Number) of the number of post monthly; 90 / 2 = 45 post.

So 45 post of which will hit explore page & get viral. As you can see below that an account of 13,531 followers is impossible to get 140,000 impression. Lets count into the amount of reach that you’ll receive, we’ll use one of our client’s image stat below with 3336 engagement as example.


The average cost of per 1,000 Impression on Instagram Ads will cost you around 4-6$. But we’ll ignore that fact, lets just count how many click would you be getting out of this 140,000 Impression.

140,000 Impression / 10% = 14,000 (This is the number of people would actually click into your profile.)

14,000 Profile Visit / 10% = 1,400 (This is number of people would actually click on your bio/website link.)

So if we take per post x 45 times of post likely to go viral.
1,400 * 45 = 63,000 (This numbers are in no way accurate and we’ve significantly reduce the chances and putting our service at a VERY conservative number.



Our conclusion:

If you’re a well experience user of Instagram Ads, it might not be the best option for you. Here’s the difference in what more does our service provide you with.

  1. You’ll gain UP TO 10,000 monthly followers in which who are active and organically gained who will continue to engage in your content and you’re able to convert them into a customer/conversion.
  2. We provide content creation and posting which helps you repost content that will likely hit explore page/viral. (You’ll still require to provide us your personal content, to keep your brand presence.)
  3. Your followers will NOT be removed even if you decided to cancel your subscription. What gain is yours what done is ours.
  4. When posting various content, even different product/service/personal content. We DO NOT charge more nor will be bill you for it.
  5. Our service does not require your account to perform any sorts of actions nor do we need access from your account (If you want to do the posting yourselves at the timing given.)
  6. One fixed price, no additional or hidden cost included.